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FA Youth is all about connecting students to the life-changing presence of Jesus. We meet on Wednesday nights at 6.30pm at the Elbow Drive Campus. We are all about friendship, so we have weekly 'SQUADS' (community groups) that meet and grow together. We are passionate bout making life matter by loving and serving the people around us. You always leave youth challenged and encouraged to follow God in all he has for you.

Come hang with us! You'll love it!


We believe that First Assembly and FA Youth is called to be an Apostolic voice in our city. What does this mean? We are called to be at the fore-front movement of LOVING ALL PEOPLE TO JESUS, especially in our church, schools and city. Raising up leaders is what we do. We're praying and believing for a power generation who know Jesus more than anyone else. And in that, bring more people home. 


We love to party! And try to do so multiple times a week. Check our social media for daily updates on what's going on week-to-week. Subscribe to our email updates for monthly updates on events, classes ect..... And check out welcome table in the foyer for invite & information cards. Still can't find what you're looking for? Make sure to email Angel (angel.kivia@fa.church) with any questions you may have with regards to events! 


FA Tweens: FA Tweens if our Tweens class (Grade 5-7) hosted every Sunday morning following worship in the youth loft. 


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